Endorsements for Catechetical Foundations

“Catechetical Foundations is one of the bright lights of the New Evangelization in Michigan.  Like Aquinas College’s Catholic Studies program, CF recognizes the necessity of a real Catholic culture in preserving and passing on the Faith in its fullness.  Authenticum plays an important role in this mission.  In a very short time it has grown into a popular lecture series and it is easy to see why.  The quality of the speakers and the importance of the topics are terrific.  But what makes Authenticum so fully Catholic is the way in which the audience is invited to eat, drink, and join in conversation long into the night after the lectures have ended.  This is definitely God’s work.”
-John C. Pinheiro, Ph.D. | Director of Catholic Studies | Aquinas College, Grand Rapids


“The Authenticum lecture series at Sacred Heart parish integrates intellectual, moral, and spiritual realities of the most profound–and timely–sort. As such, it both builds up and is an expression of authentic Catholic culture. I highly commend it to anyone who is able to participate.”
– Dr. David Whalen | Provost and Professor of English at Hillsdale College


“My experience in speaking at the Authenticum Lecture was most refreshing.  It appears that those in attendance first of all have a foundation in the knowledge of the Faith and second are most eager to continue to learn more about the Faith.  It was a pleasure to speak with your group about the liturgical life of the church and how to make the Church Year a living reality.  It was also a very good sign that there was a mix of “older” Catholics and “young” Catholics.  May the Sacred Heart of Jesus inspire you to continue to touch many hearts through the work which you provide for the Church”

– Rev. Frank Phillips | Founder of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius, Chicago


“I am very excited about the Authenticum program that Michael Tober and Mark Postma have recently organized and put into operation. They asked me to participate in this program as a guest lecturer which I did just this last March 6th. My presentation was entitled Augustine’s “Solution” To the Problem of Evil. The event was quite well attended with around 125 people. We are excited here in the department that some of our philosophy majors from GVSU were in the audience (as were as a couple of my colleagues). From comments people have made to me, my sense is that the attendees found it to be a learning experience. That was certainly my experience as an attendee at all of the other Authenticum presentations that have occurred to this date. I found all of them to be engaging, edifying and deepening of my faith. And I am really looking forward to upcoming presentations. Michael Tober and Mark Postma are to be really commended for and supported in this endeavor.”

– Dr. Mark Stephen Pestana, Ph.D. | Department of Philosophy | Grand Valley State University


“I had the pleasure to participate in the Catechist Basics course offered through Catechetical Foundations.  At first, I must admit I was a little nervous and maybe intimidated, feeling that I would not know as much as some other folks.  I was quickly put to ease.  From the minute I began the assignments I could not put the material down and could not stop thinking about the concepts we were covering.  I have only been an “official” Catechist for a couple of years and became immersed in Catechesi Tradendae (authored by St. John Paul II).  In fact, I believe it should be a must read for every Catechist.  The assignments were challenging, fun and very rewarding.  I would recommend this course to anyone!  In closing, I affirmed my continued realization that I have a deep passion and desire to study and learn more about our faith.  As a catechist it is imperative for me to gain the knowledge and confidence to “pass the faith on” through my interaction of leading others to God.”

– Michael Medvecky | Catechist at OLC Parish in Rockford, MI


Words of Endorsement from participants of our Inaugural Day for Catechists


“Thank you!!! This training was very imformative, insightful, and motivating. I feel energized and have a feeling of where I need to move forward and how to do it. The presenters were knowledgable and driven.”


“I recommend this program to educators of the faith that want to teach the truth of Christ and His Church. It will not only challenge you but show you how to properly plan to be a successful catechist!”


“Everyone who wants to teach the faith needs to attend this Day for Catechists. I was so inspired and will continue to delve further into the Word of God and the teachings of the Church to become a better catechist, but most of all a more faithful follower of Christ. Thank you for a wonderful day! These workshops were so worthwhile to the depth and breadth of the faith…no fluff here!”


“This should be required for any catechist, especially those new to communicating the faith in the classroom”


“So great. I am renewed!”


“This made my responsibility as a catechist come to light; fully bringing my understanding of my own faith development as the driving force (besides Christ of course!) or first step toward teaching others. It also gave me tools and methods to go out and “bring others to communion and intimacy with Christ.”


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