Newman Tract

stmary1The Catechetical Foundations Newman Tract is being established to answer the important requirement laid out by the 1992 document approved by St. Pope John Paul II, Guide for Catechists, that catechists must be adequately trained. This is much more than fulfilling hours of random and disjointed classes and workshops. The Guide for Catechists (G4C) stresses over and over again the need for properly, well trained catechists. The G4C recalls the words of Pope John Paul II:

To set high standards means both to provide a thorough basic training and to keep it constantly updated. This is a fundamental duty, in order to ensure qualified personal for the Church’s mission, with good training programs and adequate structures, providing for all aspects of formation – human, spiritual, doctrinal, apostolic and professional. (#19)

The next line in the G4C states, “It will be a demanding training program therefore, both for the candidates and for those mark-aristotle-2-300x220
who have to provide it.” (#19)

Catechetical Foundations has a passion and desire to see well equipped catechists lead their audiences to the saving love of Jesus Christ. This is a difficult task and we continue to meet catechists who are overwhelmed with their task because they often feel like they are running in a circle with no map but their own experience to guide them. The G4C draws attention that there is a scarcity of properly formed catechists (#5, 22) and that we should not settle for haphazard trained persons to lead formal catechetical sessions.

It is the goal of Catechstmary3etical Foundations to establish a center to meet the urgent need of forming catechists in the doctrinal, spiritual, methodical, and professional dimensions. (Cf. # 23, 29) The Foundation will utilize a number of formats to train catechists from a basic level to a master level where you are given to tools to faithfully and confidently develop this craft.







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